CBS Sunday Morning – The great broadband divide: Living without high-speed internet access – Not Enough Competition

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“What the FCC says is, if you can serve one person in a census block, that means you’re serving everybody in the census block.”

“Tens of millions of Americans are not connected to broadband internet,” said Gigi Sohn, who worked for the FCC during the Obama administration.

She said the number of people who don’t have broadband depends on who you ask: “If you ask the Federal Communications Commission, they’ll say it’s only something along the lines of 20, 23 million people, and that is a grossly undercounted number. Microsoft has done a study that showed 162 million Americans don’t have broadband at the speeds that the FCC defines ‘broadband.'”

If you’re scoring at home, that’s about half the population of the United States with either very slow internet or none at all.




One sad thing all Montanans share: Horrible broadband – We rank dead last — 50th in the nation — for broadband internet access.

Even in some of our largest communities, the investment in broadband infrastructure is either non-existent or so spotty that it is not even worth trying to make a call or send an email.

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