Breakthroughs are Not Left to Chance

Liz Moore


I’ve been thinking about the MNA Conference theme, “Breakthrough”, for several months, and more so with just weeks until we meet together in Billings. For me, breakthrough is a charged expression, bringing to mind an eccentric scientist crying “Eureka!” in a moment of sudden insight. Velcro, insulin, the microwave and play-doh are all examples of Eureka-type inventions.  But most advancements are not this sudden or serendipitous; rather they are the result of painstaking research, intentional processes, trial and error, and time. This is good news, because it means breakthrough moments – those moments of radical evolution for ourselves and the organizations we work in – are not simply left to chance. While there is always an element of mystery, maybe even grace, in a shift of perception, newfound clarity, or movement past an invisible barrier, we can also seed the process. I know this from experience.
by MNA Executive Director, Liz Moore.

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