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New RFQ: Mullan BUILD Construction Manager/General Contractor for Missoula, Montana

Mullan area in Missoula, Montana

Date Posted: May 8, 2020

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Job Description

This project includes preconstruction services and the option for construction services to construct a new network of City collector streets and multi-use paths in the currently undeveloped area of Missoula between the Pleasant View neighborhood and the Airport. This work may include but not be limited to utilities, grading, aggregate base, asphalt paving, concrete paving, minor structures, curb/gutter, sidewalk, landscaping, lighting, and stream restoration.

The project is designated as an Adjusted Score CM/GC type best value contract. The County will evaluate the relative ability of each Proposer to perform the required services based on SOQ information and past experience (See Attachment A – SOQ Evaluation Criteria). For this project, The County will short-list Three (3) responsive Proposers. All Proposers will be contacted by Missoula County, and the results of the shortlisting process will be posted on the County website.

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