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Montana & Washington Career Opportunities – Derivatives Development Engineer, Electrical Technician, Standards Engineer – REC Silicon


Date Posted: Aug 14, 2022

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Job Description

Work at the forefront of silicon innovation, where ingenuity and initiate are highly valued. REC Silicon materials are shipped worldwide to help energy and technology providers shape the future.

Have a passion for excellence? Check us out. Our history. Our culture. Enhance your quality of life and personal success through:

  • Opportunities to Learn and Grow.  An ever-changing, fast-paced industry provides opportunities for professional growth and learning.
  • Variety and Challenge.  Job design and workplace dynamics create ever-changing activities and advantages.
  • Location. Moses Lake and Butte provide family-friendly atmosphere combined with access to hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation activities.
  • Employee Camaraderie.  REC employees are tight knit and enjoy each other’s company.
    “Coming to work is like spending time with a second family”.



What the CHIPS Act means for Montana – Butte’s REC Silicon

Significant to Montana is the bill’s support for silane gas production, which is used to produce semiconductors. The world’s largest supplier of the gas, REC Silicon, has a factory on the outskirts of Butte. REC Silicon employs nearly 300 people at the facility and has been recognized by the White House as a potential candidate for domestic expansion of silane gas production.


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