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Montana Career Opportunity – Executive Director/Association Management – The Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA)


Date Posted: Jun 13, 2023

Job Description

The Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA), now in its 30th year, seeks
professional services to fill executive director/association management roles and


We anticipate responses from individuals and association management firms
that can perform MEDA’s organizational development and administrative/financial
management functions with executive oversight. The successful firm/contractor will serve
MEDA’s mission and strengthen Montana communities and economic development through
education, advocacy, and collaboration. MEDA is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

MEDA is an association of economic development organizations, regional port authorities and
economic development districts, and numerous private businesses and non-profit partners.
Most member organizations have their professional work partially funded and supported by
various state and federal agencies engaged in MEDA. In 2019, MEDA contracted its first
Generation Study
, which interviewed stakeholders, assessed current Montana policies and
programs, and provided recommendations on how Montana could update its economic and
community development strategies. MEDA is evolving to be a more proactive leader in
economic development, and we want MEDA to be positioned to build strong partnerships to
advance our vision for modern and effective economic and community development.

MEDA Mission

Strengthen Montana’s community and economic development through education, advocacy,
and collaboration.

More information is available at
The Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA)

Summary of the Opportunity and Structure

The Firm/Contractor selected will serve as the executive director for MEDA, a statewide
nonprofit organization comprised of economic development leaders and partners across
Montana. This position reports directly to the MEDA Board President, with guidance from the
Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The executive director is responsible for working
with the Board in setting the strategic direction for the organization, organizing events and
programs, and preparing budgets and financial plans to complete the scope of work outlined

Scope of Work

MEDA is a statewide association of non-profit organizations and private businesses that work to
improve Montana’s economy and communities through education, advocacy, and
collaboration. We seek a firm/consultant who will build on past success to strengthen our
organization so that we are more focused and effective at advancing our vision.

To achieve this, we have three priorities for the next two years.

1. Strengthen the financial and operational health of the organization.

   a. Membership and fundraising

   b. Business events and conferences

   c. Board operations and decision-making

   d. Communications: brand messaging and storytelling

2. Increase Value to MEDA members

   a. Increase networking and sharing of information

   b. Increase access to professional development

3. Position MEDA to shape future public policy.

   a. Determine strategic efforts for MEDA on future public policy.


MEDA is the only statewide association of hands-on local practitioners who are front-line
service providers supporting business development and economic vitality. Some of our
organizations have been serving local communities for more than 40 years and have significant
knowledge and history of how business development happens and the needs of local
communities. MEDA, however, is not a well-known organization, and we have a significant
opportunity to improve our public relations story. Improving our communications and sharing
the impact of our work will help more people understand the value of MEDA and our

We seek a firm that will take our association to the next level of operational success so that we
are better recognized as key constituencies that know how to create business success and build
stronger communities.


Anticipated Work Plan and Goals (August 2023 to August 2025)

1. Develop a two-year schedule of work for MEDA meetings and conferences.

   a. Executive Committee and Board meetings (schedule)

   b. Conferences/Workshops (meeting purpose and dates proposed)

   c. Strategic plan efforts that lead to results outlined below.

2. Plan and implement a fundraising plan that improves financial sustainability.

   a. Membership

   b. Business sponsors and contributions

   c. Private Foundations

   d. Program and event income

3. Manage a process for decision-making for policy initiatives.

   a. Engage MEDA members and the board in a process to identify where MEDA can
be proactive or supportive regarding policy issues.


Key Deliverables

A communication plan and brand statement – that the board understands and approves
– to be used for crafting websites, outreach, and storytelling to strengthen MEDA.

A fundraising plan that identifies how the selected firm/contractor will meet fundraising
goals set annually by the Board of Directors.

A policy plan that clearly defines MEDA efforts and initiatives regarding public policy.

Hold at least 2 statewide conferences each calendar year, with net positive income.

A major goal of MEDA is to be a more effective and influential organization in Montana
concerning how we promote and advance economic and business development at the local and
state level. To do this, we must be a strong organization that attracts working partnerships
with business leaders and other organizations. As practitioners of the work, we also need
better name recognition and understanding of how business and local community development
functions and local economic development organizations’ roles.

Contractor Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to what is outlined above, the firm/contractor will be responsible for core
administrative functions.

A. Management of MEDA financials: bookkeeping, AP/AR, and tax filings

B. Strategic Planning and Board Engagement

C. Membership and Donor Database

D. Manage MEDA events and conferences

E. Partnership development and fundraising

F. Organizational management and board leadership development

G. Contract administration (Montana Department of Commerce contract)


Explain the proposed compensation and any anticipated costs or reimbursements to determine
a total cost proposal.

Proposal Format and Items

A written proposal sent by email is requested. The proposal should include the items below,
preferably as one “pdf” document.

Please include the following:

1. Cover letter, signed by principles of the firm/consultant, expressing an interest in
serving as the MEDA operations and development officer/or contractor, and a brief
history/vita of the key individuals who will provide the services you are proposing.

2. Provide a proposed work plan and your approach (two-year schedule) that outlines
when and how the firm/consultant will do the work or provide the deliverables
described in the scope of work. Include your ideas for the proposed methods and
strategies to achieve our scope, responsibilities, and deliverables.

3. Describe relevant work experience and background in providing professional
services similar to those in this RFQ.

4. Provide the names and contact information of at least three professional
relationships, including former and current clients or organizations.

5. Include your proposed fee schedule for your services. Provide detail and total
annual cost.

Deadline: Submit by 5 pm, Friday, June 30, 2023

Please respond via email to: MEDA President Tori Matejovsky at
[email protected]
and MEDA Past President Brian Obert at
[email protected].

Use MEDA RFQ Response in the subject line of the email.

Final Date for Inquiries or Clarifications: Monday, June 26, 2023, 5 pm.

RFQ Evaluation and Selection Processes

A MEDA review committee will rank proposals and provide a narrative statement for their
ranking. The review committee will provide its ranking to the MEDA Executive Committee,
which will recommend to the MEDA Board of Directors.

Initial Evaluation

Proposals received will undergo an initial review to determine the following:

Compliance with instructions stated in the RFQ

Compliance with the submittal date


Submitted proposals will be evaluated on the following:

Knowledge and experience of economic and community development in Montana and a
demonstrated understanding of the policies, programs, and agencies that MEDA
members utilize.

The understanding, thoughtfulness, and strategic approach proposed to achieve the
scope of work and deliverables within the proposed timeline.

The approach and efforts proposed to strengthen MEDA’s financial position and
operational success as a statewide organization.

Other factors that uniquely qualify the applicant firm/consultant.

Total cost and fees proposed.

The evaluation of proposals may also include, but is not limited to, the following criteria:

Respondent’s experience with similar association leadership/administration services.

Capacity to undertake the scope of work.

Perceived ability to meet the MEDA’s requirements.

Availability (timetable) for providing services.

The breadth of services available.

Reporting capability (monthly or weekly written or oral reports).

Evaluation Criteria

The proposals being requested will be scored on the following criteria:

Proposals and ability to perform requested services (50 points total):

Knowledge of community/economic development in Montana and experience with
similar projects 20 points

Capacity as it relates to the provision of services to MEDA 5 points

Firm/personnel Proposals 25 points

Execution of the scope of work (50 points total):

Description and understanding of proposed work plan 20 points

Description of the approach proposed to strengthen MEDA’s success as a

statewide organization 10 points

Timeline 10 points

Deliverables, budget, and completion schedule 10 points

100 points


MEDA retains the right to modify this Request for Qualifications to best serve its needs.

Any additional information, changes, or revisions to this Request for Qualifications will be
posted on MEDA’s website at MEDA may also provide materials
directly to potential respondents that MEDA knows may be interested in this opportunity.
However, it shall be the responsibility of the potential respondents to obtain such materials (if
any) from the website.


MEDA reserves the right at its sole discretion to reject any or all submittals without penalty and
not to issue a contract due to this request. MEDA also reserves the right to waive minor
administrative irregularities contained in any submittal at their sole discretion.

MEDA shall only consider responsible individuals who, in the sole judgment of MEDA, have the
ability, experience, resources, skills, capability, reliability, and business integrity necessary to
perform the requirements of the contract. MEDA may also consider references and other
information available, whether specifically provided by the respondent or otherwise.
Individuals or firms with an owner convicted within the past 10 years of a crime that impugns
honesty or integrity or with an unsatisfied tax or judgment liens are ineligible to participate and
should not submit.

MEDA will not be liable for any costs incurred by any respondent in preparation of a submittal
in response to this Request for Qualifications, in the conduct of a presentation, or in any other
activities related to response to this request.


How To Apply

Please respond via email to: MEDA President Tori Matejovsky at [email protected]
and MEDA Past President Brian Obert at
[email protected].

Use MEDA RFQ Response in the subject line of the email.

Final Date for Inquiries or Clarifications: Monday, June 26, 2023, 5 pm.

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