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Montana Career Opportunity – Chief Operating Officer – NCAT


Date Posted: Aug 24, 2021

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Job Description

The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to help people build resilient communities through local and sustainable solutions that reduce poverty, strengthen self-reliance, and protect natural resources. NCAT works to foster and promote sustainable technologies and systems, especially for the benefit of economically disadvantaged individuals and communities. NCAT’s work includes nationally recognized projects in agriculture, food, and energy.


NCAT is seeking a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Under the general supervision of the Executive Director, the position is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing organization operations and facilities. The COO will supervise the Human Resources Director, IT Director and Administrative Services Director and assist the Executive Director in developing and implementing the organization’s strategic long-and short-range plans. The COO will represent NCAT and interact with regulatory agencies, insurance carriers, and other professional and community groups as well as oversee organizational compliance with State, Federal and local agencies. The COO will work with the Executive Team to develop improved management techniques and practices in addition to enhancing operational effectiveness. The COO will resolve operational problems and keep lines of communication open with staff to ensure high productivity and direct staff members concerning effective and efficient operations of the organization and the facilities.


The location for this position is Butte, Montana.

This position will provide an outstanding opportunity to work with a dedicated and professional staff on a national level.

QUALIFICATIONS: The position requires an equivalency of an MA/MS in an appropriate field plus at least five years of related professional experience or training (or) a BS degree in a relevant field plus at least seven years of related experience or training.



  • Commitment and passion for the NCAT mission;
  • Familiarity with sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and science-based technological solutions to climate change, particularly in rural America;
  • Strong interest and knowledge of mission-driven or non-profit organizations;
  • Excellent organizational, verbal and written communication skills, strong public speaking, presentation, writing, editing and research skills;
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite;
  • Strong organizational and planning skills with attention to detail;
  • Work independently and in a team environment;
  • Prioritize work assignments and complete tasks in a timely manner;
  • Manage, coordinate and delegate, train, and mentor staff;
  • Build relationships and collaborate with community organizations, government agencies, non-profit organizations and other partners;
  • Effective project manager who values streamlined, efficient and modern tools;.
  • Experience with non-government and government contracting, grant management and compliance;
  • Budgeting and fiscal planning and management;
  • Ability to handle stress;
  • Ability to travel, as occasional travel may be required.



  • Promote and support NCAT’s mission.
  • Share responsibility with Executive Director for the general day-to-day administration of NCAT’s operations.
  • Serve as a member of the Executive Team responsible for meeting NCAT’s Strategic Goals. Participate in team meetings and discussions to develop and implement work plans, internal policies, organizational strategies, and new business development.
  • Develop and apply quality improvement and assurance initiatives, standards, and practices to provide quality service to clients and staff.
  • Oversee and coordinate with finance, communications, development, program, and administrative departments to develop new business opportunities and submit high-quality funding proposals.
  • Administer and ensure compliance with contracts with government and private funders, prime contractors, and subcontractors.  Direct the development, negotiation, and execution of NCAT contracts.
  • Work closely with the NCAT Board on personnel and other organizational policies, strategic plan review and reporting, and board governance in coordination with the Executive Director.
  • Oversee provision of legal review and advice as needed at the direction of the Executive Director.
  • Direct personnel, exercise decision-making authority, and coordinate implementation of policies and procedures related to human resources management, information technologies, and administrative support services. Coordinate related activities between departments and between national and regional offices.
  • Develop and implement systems and processes for the efficient management of NCAT programs. This may include developing organization-wide project management and client relationship management tools (CRM) and developing digital-based platforms to track staff travel, deliverables, and more.
  • Oversee management-employee relations and human resource administration such as benefits and salary programs, human resource policies, performance evaluation processes, compliance with applicable federal, state, and local employment and affirmative action laws.
  • Serve as financial account signatory and fiduciary trustee for the pension plan. Negotiate and manage contracts and services for benefits administration and insurance coverage.
  • Oversee indirect, allocated cost, and fringe benefit budgeting, administration, and planning in coordination with CFO. Reviews and approves computer component purchases, materials, supplies, and other NCAT purchases.
  • Oversee building and campus management, maintenance, and leases of all NCAT offices. Respond to urgent facility-related issues and needs. Approve related purchases and vendor services. Coordinate and directs contractors and oversees their deliverables.
  • Work closely with the Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, project managers, and supervisors to ensure fiscal budgets and program goals are being met.
  • Provide operational management support to New Horizon Technologies, (NHT, Inc.), wholly owned subsidiary.

How To Apply

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications will be accepted until a suitable candidate can be identified. Early applications are encouraged. Please explore NCAT or visit the ATTRA – Sustainable Agriculture Program website to learn more about NCAT and what we do.

All persons interested in being considered for the position must:

  1. Upload a resume and cover letter through our BambooHR

Simply choose the position you are applying for and then click “apply for this job” to upload your materials. Don’t forget to highlight your experience and skills relevant to the qualifications, skills and responsibilities listed above.

  1. Complete the NCAT Supplemental Application Information form;

Note: Incomplete applications packets will not be considered.


Questions about the application process can be directed to:

Kriss Sullivan, Director of Human Resources

e-mail:  [email protected]


NCAT’s mission is to help people build resilient communities through local and sustainable solutions that reduce poverty, strengthen self-reliance, and protect natural resources.    Our work brings together diverse partnerships and communities to help reduce poverty and protect our natural resources.  We strive to be a multicultural organization that embraces the rich dimensions of diversity such as race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical ability, religious or political belief and marital or veteran status.  Diversity creates healthy communities.  Special consideration will be given to applicants who are reflective of the communities that we serve.  NCAT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


For additional information about NCAT please visit our website at

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