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What a National Guaranteed Income Could Look Like

A new proposal pitches expanding the earned income tax credit in the U.S. to take monthly cash payments national. 

San Francisco rolls out a guaranteed income program giving artists $1,000 a month

More than 100 San Francisco artists will be guaranteed $1,000 a month for six months under a pilot program set to launch in May, following similar efforts by Stockton, Oakland and Marin County to support struggling residents during the pandemic.

Support Grows for Guaranteed Income Among America’s Mayors

More city leaders are committing to explore universal basic income experiments that are grounded in civil rights ideals.

Ontario launches guaranteed income program for 4,000 residents

The Canadian province of Ontario will become the latest place to test a guaranteed income program for low-income residents.

Elon Musk says we need universal basic income because ‘in the future, physical work will be a choice’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is stepping behind the universal basic income movement because of the potential rise of robots — in fact, he’s working on one himself.

Is universal basic income closer to reality? Cities are already testing monthly checks for residents

Guaranteed income has become more critical in the longer-term as the nation’s gig economy spawns a growing population of freelance and contract workers who don’t receive benefits and whose income fluctuates from week to week

Living to 100: How Will We Afford Our Longer Lives?

Many U.S. states including California, Washington, Massachusetts and Connecticut offer seniors the ability to defer all of their property taxes.

The City That’s Giving People Money

Randomly selected residents are receiving $500 a month. The experiment might prove that guaranteed income works.

Is a Universal Basic Income a Good Idea?

In the U.S., some Silicon Valley titans are championing the idea.

Billionaires attempt to remake Montana’s pension system

Specifically, the groups aimed to replace Montana’s defined benefit system–a crown jewel of the labor movement–with at least a partially privatized system, and eliminate guaranteed income for future public employees.