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Electric Cars Could Destroy the Electric Grid--or Fix It Forever

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February 4, 2018View for printing

Electric vehicles are a fixture of many a transportation utopia, and for good reasons. In a world still reliant on private transportation, they promise everything from lower pollution to higher torque. However, at least one counterpoint mars the dream of exhaust-free street racing: Today's grid would likely fail catastrophically if the entire US car fleet immediately made the switch to running on electricity.

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Reader Comments:

Unfortunately, this article ignores a major development that will probably preclude this string of events.

Autonomous cars will make it less and less attractive to personally own a car. Subscription services will manage fleets of widely located vehicles that are available for use by its members. These companies will develop their own systems for charging their fleets.

Conductive charging from solar collecting roads will eventually replace the grid as we know it. These may be built by car subscription companies. These will be augmented by micro grid projects that will generate power for small groups of consumers to reduce the requirement for extended transmission systems. These may be augmented by subscription service locations that not only generate power for their vehicles but also provide excess energy to the local grid when required.

Bottom line, Car Subscription companies may become a key element in our power needs beyond just that needed for the vehicles they provide to subscribers.

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