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Big Sky Fulfillment - Is Fulfillment Montana's Next Big Industry?

August 29, 2017View for printing

Company Finds Perfect Formula in the Big Sky State for Offering Nationwide Fulfillment Services.

It didn't take long for Patrick Claytor's, basement to reach maximum capacity.

In 2015, seven years after graduating from the University of Montana with a degree in Computer Science, Claytor started a subscription box company out of his house in Missoula, Montana. Making the decision to package, store and ship his own product proved to be much more valuable than he could have predicted. "I quickly realized I wasn't the only company right here in Missoula that had a real need for warehouse space and the ability to efficiently pack and ship orders reliably to customers."

Big Sky Fulfillment helps local companies graduate from overflowing basements, unorganized shelves and unreliable shipping processes. As orders come in, workers shop the shelves to fulfill the orders. Everything is packed and sent to the consumer. "When you order online there are a few things you expect - that everything you order is in the box, that it arrives safely, and that it is shipped on time. We're here to do all that for our clients." said Claytor. It might seem like a simple task, but one e-commerce company can have thousands of products. Keeping everything organized is a challenge that most brands don't want to spend time on.

"Big sales are fun. We had a client appear on a morning talk show and it drove thousands of orders. It was non stop packing for three days."

"Montanans can be pretty humble," said Claytor. "There's a certain grit to starting your own business and feeling it grow in a garage or small warehouse. Eventually, though, in-house fulfillment becomes more of a hindrance preventing the businesses from reaching its full potential. That's why we started Big Sky Fulfillment. We take those processes off their hands so they can focus on sales. We're creating jobs and we're also bringing revenue to Montana."

With clients from California to Canada hiring Big Sky Fulfillment as well as local companies like VIM&VIGR, Chilton Skis, Quilty Box, Nooky Box and others, Claytor believes Montana could be headquarters to large-scale fulfillment services in the near future. "We're a small team right now with really big capabilities. Expenses are relatively low compared to large cities, Montanans are ambitious and driven, and the more we grow the more we benefit from economies of scale.

We have capacity to take on large-scale fulfillment and are excited to bring that business right here to Montana."

For more information about Big Sky Fulfillment, contact:

Patrick Claytor

Phone: (406) 214-3806



Address: 6900 Kestrel Dr. Ste. 13, Missoula, MT 59808


Founder of Missoula e-commerce site expands into warehouse shipping

Seven years after graduating from the University of Montana, Patrick Claytor went to work on his own business geared toward the quilting industry. But what started out as an e-commerce site soon evolved into a larger venture aimed at filling orders on behalf of other companies like his.

By Martin Kidston

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