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Opponents rip into school-choice tax credit measure

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March 9, 2013View for printing

State Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Dennis Parman didn't mince words Friday when he blasted supporters of this session's major bill creating tax credits to help finance scholarships for kids attending private schools in Montana.

Parman, speaking to the House Taxation Committee, accused them of spreading "misinformation" on drop-out rates in public schools.

"The drop-out rate in this state never has been, and, in my lifetime, never will be 20 percent," he said, his voice rising. "It's probably pretty obvious that I'm pretty tired of hearing that number.

By Mike Dennison of The Standard State Bureau

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Reader Comments:

When there is an "emotional" issue, people tend to speak first and think later, but the thinking tends to be along the line of thinking up new reasons why they are right. And whatever side you are on, you are not allowed to even consider any of the points of the other side.

I have been involved in public schools - good, bad and mixed.
I have been involved in private schools - I even attended a boarding school when we lived overseas.
- I have been involved with homeschool.

So, now we have two sides:
1. Parents who have kids in private/homeschool bear a disproportionate cost. They pay taxes for public schools and they pay for private/homeschool costs. They also have the cost of one parent not being available to hold a job.
2. As soon as their situation changes, where do those private/homeschool kids go? Back to public school.

So, it seems that we could come up with some equitable solution. And, just because you hate the other side doesn't relieve you of the responsibility of being fair.
--Nora McDougall-Collins

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