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MT Gubernatorial Candidates respond to MEDA's Key Economic Development Questions

October 15, 2012View for printing

The MEDA Board and Legislative Committee compiled a six question interview for Gubernatorial Candidates Steve Bullock, Rick Hill and Ron Vandevender.

Each candidate responded in writing; the answers are attached with responses in alphabetical order by name. At the end of the document is a matrix so that you can view how each candidate answered each question.

A similar survey has been sent to the U.S. Senate and U.S. House candidates and will be shared with MEDA as soon as the responses are available.

The Gubernatorial Candidate's responses are on our website at

Thank you for taking the time to review the responses.

All the best, gloria



1. If elected Governor, what would be your top priority regarding economic development in Montana?

2. The Montana Economic Developers Association (MEDA) is made up of over 230 economic and community development practitioners from every corner of Montana. We have always relied on a close working relationship with the State of Montana, including the Governor's Office, the Montana Department of Commerce and other agencies. How will you assure that this positive relationship continues and how do you envision perhaps even strengthening this alliance?

3. As Governor, you will have the biggest bully pulpit in Montana to advance those causes you care about. How will you incorporate this role into your responsibilities as Governor as it relates to economic development?

4. MEDA has worked hard in a bipartisan way with state policymakers over several years to develop a number of very important programs that help to make our state competitive for economic expansion and job creation. However, many of these programs continue to be funded at levels that were established more than 12 years ago, and some of them have seen funding decreases. What will you do to properly fund the most critically important economic development programs that state government has to offer?

5. Montana is a big state with a diverse economy that is made up of many industry sectors and subsectors. Our state also is divided between urban areas and rural regions. Together, they all make our overall economy tick. How would you reconcile meeting the economic development needs of our largest communities as well as our most rural areas?

6. There are many who believe that the economic future of Montana rests with further developing our natural resources. There are others who believe that the explosive growth occurring in eastern Montana right now is too much, too fast. What do you believe, and how will you implement your vision of natural resource development if elected in November?
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