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University of Montana Launches Partnership With Renewable Chemical Company Blue Marble Biomaterials

"Our goal will be to tap into Blue Marble’s carbon dioxide waste stream and then turn that CO2 into algal biomass," Blank said. "We will then work together to harvest commercial products from that biomass."

Karina Edmonds: A New Tech Transfer Advocate at DOE

With unemployment affecting 9 percent of Americans and politicians of both parties talking constantly about the need for jobs, an important but neglected directive in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Universities Spawn More Startups

Universities filed more patents, created more startups, and licensed more technologies in fiscal year 2010 than in prior years, according to a survey conducted by the Association of University Technology Managers.

Some ideas on how to get PhDs to act like innovative entrepreneurs

"We need to incentivize scientists. How do we get them to understand the value of equity?" Scherl said. "Teaching entrepreneurship to scientists is critical."

At Rutgers, a $1 Million "Disruptive Innovation Fund" to Commercialize Tech

One of the problems with technology research at N.J. universities, many believe, is that not enough attention is paid to transferring the tech developed here to the private sector.

Transforming Economies through University Commercialization

"The only net generator of new jobs in the last 30 years has been start-up companies less than 5 years old …
And our research Institutions should be driving this"

Kauffman Foundation

Intel to universities: no patents, please, just open source

Intel may be the latest, but it’s not the first big tech company to prefer to sidestep university intellectual property (IP) clauses involving the negotiation of patent rights.

New Patent Law Could Change How Academics Commercialize Discoveries

The legislation, which the House of Representatives approved overwhelmingly in March, "will enable U.S. inventors at universities and elsewhere to compete more effectively in the global marketplace."

Annual Technology Commercialization Data Shows Steady Momentum

University launches 23 companies, collects 233 invention disclosures, signs 81 licenses and engages over 2,400 students in fiscal year 2011

The Technology Transfer Imperative

If we do not develop and commercialize new technologies from scientific developments, others will.