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A Discussion on Montana’s Tech Hub – Montana Ambassadors – 5/8 – Seattle, WA

Speakers include: Paul Green, Director of the Montana Department of Commerce, Jason Yager, Executive Director of Montana Photonics & Quantum Alliance, Les Craig, Managing Director of Next Frontier Ventures, and Jenni Graff, Director of Early State Montana.

Headwaters Tech Hub, ūüĆźInternational Day of Light, Select USA Spinoff, Quality Alliance Library, and so much more!

Please join Executive Director and Regional Innovation OfficerTim VanReken, and many more Headwaters Tech Hub (HTH) leaders and consortium members for a virtual presentation on the Phase II application submitted in late February.

BUSINESS BRIEF: Another Milestone for the Headwaters Tech Hub

The Headwaters Tech Hub is a unique coalition that is centered around business, academia and government—all working together to put together an application that demonstrates how well – we as Montanan‚Äôs work together toward a common goal.¬†¬†If awarded this grant, Montana and the larger region,¬†will become a¬†gravitational center for global businesses looking to apply the technologies of sensors and photonics to their specific needs and opportunities.¬†

BUSINESS BRIEF: Headwaters Tech Hub Letter from Grant Kier of Missoula Economic Partnership

The Headwaters Tech Hub (HTH) recognizes and seeks to extend our region’s leadership in photonic sensing, accelerate our ability to commercialize technologies at scale, and increase our ecosystem’s technology footprint into sectors vital to the national and economic security of the United States.

How to Build Tech Hubs in the American Heartland

Regions in the US interior are well-positioned to revive their manufacturing industries with new technology.

EDA Headwaters Tech Hub is now open and we need your input

This is an amazing opportunity!  Please read the latest updates from Joseph Thiel, complete with instructions, hyperlinks, and additional documents at the bottom.

Missoula, Bozeman to spearhead new Montana ‚ÄėTech Hub‚Äô

Montana Senator Jon Tester led a panel discussion in Missoula earlier this year where participants began planning their approach to compete for one of the 30 new Tech Hubs. The effort panned out and Montana was selected from a field of 200 applicants.

Montana receives federal tech hub designation, money to advance photonics industry

Designation of the Montana Headwaters Regional Technology and Innovation Hub will focus on supporting workforce development and jobs in the photonics, optics and autonomous systems industries. The technologies are important for natural resource management, agriculture, disaster prevention applications and defense.

Montana State part of new regional tech hub focused on critical technologies for U.S. national security

The program is designed to drive regional growth by strengthening the region’s capacity to manufacture, commercialize and deploy critical technologies, according to the program’s website.

Prospera Joins Montana Headwaters Consortium with Regional Tech Hub Designation

Prospera has been instrumental in building up the photonics business cluster since 2013 and is proud to be a founding member of the Montana Headwaters Consortium.