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New Houston Law Requires 10 Parking Spaces For Every Parking Space

At press time, a second law was passed requiring that 10 parking garages be built for every square inch of green space in the city.

3 Resources to Help Abolish Parking Mandates

Hear from the most effective advocates on how to inspire communities to end parking minimum mandates, remove parking subsidies, and begin building stronger towns.

Autev robots could bring EV charging to regular parking spots

As the number of electric vehicles on our roads increases, so does the need for charger-accessible parking spots. Instead of having to create more EV-specific spots, parking garage operators could soon utilize Autev charging robots that come to people’s cars.

The Tragedy of Parking

Parking minimums and other zoning laws have made American cities untenable for any other type of transportation. It’s time we find a new way to zone our cities.

Friday’s Headlines Don’t Want to Pay for Parking

Parking is so expensive that it’s a drag on the economy. Building a space costs more than many cars, and the average office building devotes twice as much to storing an employee’s vehicle as it does to the employee themselves.

How parking lots across the U.S. are being turned into housing

And not a moment too soon.

Parking reform is snowballing

More cities and states around the country are recognizing the value of eliminating parking requirements.

Missoula measure would eliminate parking requirements near transit stops

“If we’re going to wait two or three more years to reform something as simple as government parking mandates, we can imagine (housing prices) are going to continue to skyrocket,” Carlino said. “Each year we wait, the higher and higher we can expect rent to go.”

Maps: How Much of Your City is Parking?

The percentage of land dedicated to parking in the central districts of major U.S. cities ranges from 4 percent to as much as 42 percent.

Wednesday’s Headlines Have Ample Parking

The average U.S. city devotes a fifth of its prime downtown real estate to parking. The problem varies by size and density — Des Moines has as many parking spaces as Seattle — but it’s making cities less walkable everywhere.