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MATR Newsletter - Fri Oct 26, 2012

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I fundamentally believe in this state. And I fundamentally believe in the people in this room and the places and causes you represent. Your state has experienced tough times. And you have undergone wrenching change in your economy stretching back 50, even 75 years. But you have good bones, strong assets, and a solid hand to play in these dynamic, disruptive times. Play that hand well. Invest in what makes you special, invest in your places and invest in your people. Be bold. Be focused. Be disciplined. Seize the future. Carpe diem. ... .html

Today! - Event To Celebrate Grand Reopening Of MonTEC Business Incubator, 10/26, Missoula, Montana ... .html --- John Stewart (The Daily Show) takes on Economic Reintegration for Veterans - Hire a Veteran today! ... .html --- Montana CIO Dick Clark Awarded for Meritorious Service ... .html --- "To The Summit! Mountaineering And Responsibility To The Planet", 11/2, University Of Montana - Missoula ... =4359 --- UM Entrepreneurship Club Meeting With Submittable And Orbital Shift, 11/01, Missoula, Montana ... =4357

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