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MATR Newsletter - Fri Apr 13, 2012

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“Like ripples from a pebble over the quiet surface of a pond, an unprepared kindergartner will find herself to be an unprepared eighth-grader, and eventually an unprepared adult. And it should be no secret or surprise to anyone that the cost of remediation becomes greater the farther along in the system that needy student travels…. We want to see every child succeed, and we know that entering the school system prepared is a step toward that goal. We also know that the preparation begins long before school, and that we neglect our contribution to that preparation to society’s peril.” The (New Bedford) Standard-Times, editorial, April 5, 2012 http://www.southcoastt ... ION01

9-year-old boy builds an elaborate cardboard arcade in his dad's used auto parts store in East L.A and raises over $125K for his education. ... .html

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