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MATR Newsletter - Fri Apr 16, 2010

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"To the west, and as far as the eye can see, tall grass billows in the wind. Two centuries ago, Lewis and Clark were the first European-Americans to discover this land. This is prairie. It once blanketed much of the heartland of North America. Today on America's Great Plains, few reminders of this pristine landscape survive. Now, things are changing. Through establishing and maintaining a wildlife reserve on Montana's prairies, several organizations work to restore an American Eden. Join us on this exciting journey as we capture the grand rebirth of The American Serengeti." American Serengeti to air on Earth Day, April 22nd ... .html

Are you creative? Do you have questions? Do you like to collaborate? - Missoula BarCamp 2010, 5/1, University Of Montana, Missoula ... .html

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To subscribe or unsubscribe from the free weekly MATR newsletter, please visit our list info page