The State with the Best Education Wins!
MATR Newsletter - Tue Jan 12, 2010

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"When a student drops out of high school, it hurts that individual's opportunity for a bright, successful future and is a loss to society as a whole. Those who drop out of high school are less likely than others to be employed, more likely to receive public assistance and more likely to be incarcerated. The State Strategies to Achieve Graduation for All initiative will help the selected states devise policies to combat the dropout problem." John Thomasian, Director of the National Governor's Association Center 'Graduation Matters Missoula' Campaign Launches Tuesday, Jan. 19 ... .html

It's all about Education. How can we bring everyone in Montana to understand that "The State with the Best Education Wins!" ? " 'Graduation Matters Missoula' Campaign Launches Tuesday, Jan. 19 " ... .html --- "First Lady, Nancy Schweitzer, Encourages Montana Teachers, Volunteers to Register for Free, Online Math & Science Professional Development - A World In Motion®" ... .html --- " PPL Montana accepting grant applications for school environmental projects" ... .html --- " Teaching Green, Beyond Recycling " ... .html --- "Six States to Develop Policies to Fight High School Dropout, Achieve Graduation for All " ... .html --- "Triangle Communications Offering 25 $2,500 Scholarship Opportunities" ... .html

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