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MATR Newsletter - Fri Oct 30, 2009

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"Chaos," said Portland traffic engineer Scott Batson, "seems to be coming back as a way to control traffic." Drivers behave more responsibly when faced with uncertainty, becoming more aware of others. The evidence from Holland shows crashes are now far less serious, mostly because open-range roundabouts have taken the place of stop signals and signs. ... .html

I attended a meeting last night that discussed the opportunities and challenges of our school systems. Many ideas were discussed but it came down to doing a better job for our children by keeping them excited to be in and stay in school to maximize their potential. Great to read a story like this: "Excellent Entrepreneurs - Missoula's C.S. Porter Middle School students put heads together to market The Good Food Store story" ... .html -- Montana should be proud: "Federal Researchers Find 15 States Have Lowered Education Standards in Schools. Montana Has Raised Its Standards" ... .html --- Great opportunity at a very respected company: "Montana Career Opportunity - Acting Chief Information Officer - Great Harvest Bread Company" ... .html

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