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MATR Newsletter - Tue Jun 16, 2009

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"Conservation has to become an ethic in the West." Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, discussing water at the Western Governors' Association annual meeting that kicked off Sunday in Utah ... .html

Congratulations to Gloria O'Rourke, the Agenda Committee and the Board of Directors of MEDA for bringing together the experts in state government on opportunities, programs and contacts for the stimulus funds that are now flowing into Montana. The 2009 MEDA Spring Conference objective was to: Equip Montana’s economic developers with up-to-date information on new recovery programs, new technology, and the tools necessary so they may serve as resourceful leaders in revitalizing Montana’s economy. If the evaluation feedback is any indicator, the objective was accomplished. I urge anyone who believers they should/could take advantage of the stimulus funding programs or who's looking for answers from state government or your local economic development professional to read this report. "The Montana Econonic Developers Association (MEDA) Spring Conference Summary - "Providing Leadership in a Challenged Economy " ... .html

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