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MATR Newsletter - Fri May 29, 2009

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There's one thing I've learned about entrepreneurs' business plans. Every one is wrong." --Josh Kopelman, venture capitalist, as quoted by BusinessWeek

Really can't say it better than this: "Montana Businesses Depend On Strong Education Foundation" by Secretary of State Linda McCulloch" ... .html --- I really enjoy highlighting innovative companies that have moved the traditional business model to new levels of excellence. Here's a great example of what a company can accomplish to bring a much better quality of life to its employees: "Boise company, Medical Management Inc., finds success - and makes employees happy - by doing business digitally" ... .html ---- If your company is testing the bounds, please send along its story. --- Several great commencement speeches this year to inspire everyone including those of us who celebrated our graduation years ago: " The Earth Needs a New Operating System and You are the Programmers" ... .html --- "Google chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt urges grads: 'Turn off your computer'" ... .html

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