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MATR Newsletter - Fri May 1, 2009

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"Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath." -- Michael Caine

(Sorry for the late newsletter today but the Qwest "tubes" apparently got all clogged up and I've been talking to some very nice but frustrated techs there all day... Thanks Susan for not giving up...) I had the pleasure of attending the Missoula economic forum earlier this week. Dr. Larry Swanson provided statistics about demographics, population and the economy that are must reads for anyone interested in the economic future of Montana: " Missoula, Montana resilient during recession - At forum, statistics show city good place to live" ... .html --- At the same forum, Wolf Ametsbichler, Director of the Missoula Job Service provided information that should encourage everyone to start thinking more about our future workforce. " Emergence of Workforce Development as a Crucial Aspect of Montana's Economic Development" ... .html --- Larry gave another talk that lays out the possible future of the Bitterroot Valley. " Economist, Larry Swanson, director of the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West, Bitterroot Valley could recover quickly" ... .html

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