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MATR Newsletter - Fri Oct 3, 2008

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"Governments never learn. Only people learn." -- Milton Friedman

Here's an example of a single Montanan being much more effective than governments. Foreign affairs was a focus of last night's VP debate. One of the items brought up was the number of madrases' being built in Central Asia, especially along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. For the few of you who haven't read his book or visited the site, I'd like to recommend "Three Cups of Tea" http://www.threecupsof ... .com/ and The Central Asia Institute as an example of what Greg Mortenson of Bozeman, Montana has been and is doing to build schools to foster a more stable region. His accomplishments are astounding when you consider the billions being spent to win the hearts and minds of the people of Central Asia. It's a wonderful statement about the vitality and innovation that is Montana. If you find the book compelling, please consider sending a copy along with a note to someone you know who may not know about this effort. Encourage them to add their thoughts to your note and send it along to someone they know. If just one child can be educated and encouraged to not join a terrorist group, your efforts will be a huge success. Best, Russ More about the Central Asia Institute: ... itute

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