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MATR Newsletter - Tue Dec 11, 2007

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While creating more high paying jobs in Montana is an admirable goal, what we really need is the creation of more "Gazelles". Gazelle companies are responsible for an extraordinary number of job creations vs. the jobs created by recruited companies. We are a state of "underemployeed" who are taking whatever job they can to stay here. We need to develop the companies that can utilize their talents and those of the many alumni and expats who'd like to return to Montana to raise their families and contribute to our economic future. Gazelles traditionally will stay in the state while recruited companies can become transient as they seek new incentives from other states every few years. Gazelles become the foundation for increased entrepreneurial activity and spinoffs. Montana needs and deserves a focus on developing and supporting Gazelle companies like Printing For Less and Right Now Technologies. If we do, the challenge will not be developing high paying jobs but finding the talent to fill an ever-increasing demand for highly paid employees. With the newly formed Capital Investment Board ... .html and the eventual availability of $60MM in venture funding, all entrepreneurs should take a look at their business model and figure out how it can become not a $1MM company but a $100MM company. VC's won't fund a small goal company. You need to aim for the moon, not just the local community. The new funds won't be available for some time so you now have the time to reevaluate your business model. How can it be improved? What is its global potential? You won't be able to use the excuse that there isn't money available. Entrepreneurs, it's your decision. If you'd like some help, here are some ideas. ... phtml Russ

Congratulations to the many Montanan's who've worked on or are working on getting this implemented. This will open a wonderful new aspect of entrepreneurial economic development for Montana. "Montana Capital Investment Board Moving Forward. Montana Fund of Funds Effort Launched" ... .html -- Congratulations to MAPS on their further success. If you're looking for an organization to support, MAPS is an excellent opportunity to help support the future leaders of Montana. "Media Arts in the Public Schools wins 2007 Award of Excellence in New Communications" ... .html

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