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MATR Newsletter - Tue Jan 16, 2007

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[The] sense of place is critical in today’s changing economy where knowledge replaces physical resources as the driver of growth. Let me explain. The most common way to describe this new reality is the “creative economy.” Technological advances, speed of communications, growth of information and the rapid changes of the last decades, make the need for creativity fundamental to devising new products, services, technologies, business models, and ways of earning a living. What is different in the creative economy? · Creativity, the source of economic wealth, is within every person’s reach – we all have that capacity. · People become the key economic asset · Place replaces the corporation as the fundamental business building block. And the key to competitiveness in the creative economy? Attracting talented people through quality of place, drawing them in and rooting them here. Human capital is now the primary determinant of a region’s economic vitality. Wisconsin Lt.Governor, Barbara Lawton ( Thanks to Jack Schultz of Boomtown Institute ... itute for passing this along. )

"Girls' science and math conference seeks presenters, sponsors for "Expanding Your Horizons" Program." ... .html ---- "Montana laptop lawmakers log on, blog on. Do you know how to find your Legislators' websites and blogs or watch the 2007 session on live streaming video?" ... .html ----- "Keiretsu Forum - Boise/Sun Valley Inaugural Kickoff, 1/18, Boise, Idaho" ... .html ------

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