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MATR Newsletter - Tue Sep 19, 2006

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You may notice that the MATR home page looks a little different. MATR has provided a valuable free marketing opportunity to Montana and Regional companies and organizations for over 5 years through its Company listings that have rotated through the MATR pages. Many have enjoyed a significant increase in public awareness and sales due to the free company listings on the MATR pages. Due to its extensive archives, MATR and its articles and posting are usually very high on the search engine rankings. While MATR will continue to provide an index of Companies and Resources ... phtml which is available to search engines, it is now going to provide a more focused opportunity for those entities that wish to raise their visibility further. ----- MATR is offering up to 20 entities the ability to have their listings highlighted on MATR and rotate through the home page and story pages for either a a monthly subscription of $100 or a yearly subscription of $1000. MATR will also highlight stories about those who subscribe to this premium listing service. ---- Companies and organizations that wish to further increase their visibility can become a sponsor ... phtml of MATR. Up to 5 supporters will be able to have their listing rotate through the home page sponsor window on MATR for $250 a month or $2500 for an annual sponsorship. --- If you are interested in participating or learning more about this opportunity, please contact Russ at [email protected] or call 406-531-8119.

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