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Blue Sky Biodiesel eyes Torrington, Wyoming for biodiesel plant

Torrington and Grant, Neb., are part of a feasibility study for a crushing plant that would employ 15 to 20 people.

Casper man gets Air Force grant for rocket motor

The grant is for his work on a rocket motor that uses special nozzles to control thrust and steering of the rocket as it launches

Wyoming explosives plant plans $50 million expansion

The Dyno Nobel plant west of Cheyenne makes ammonium nitrate explosives that are used in coal mining.

Out of work in Michigan? Wyoming wants you.

Employers in Wyoming are hoping that many more follow.

University of Wyoming business incubator aims to develop homegrown commerce

Wyoming Gov. Freudenthal said the incubator is “the beginning of the recognition that if we can establish the communications link, Wyoming has many attributes that lend itself to companies that are essentially location-neutral as long as they have the capacity to communicate with the larger economy. If we can establish that as a core principle of how we are going to develop and diversify the economy of this state, it will make a remarkable contribution over the next 20 to 25 years. This is the beginning of that effort. I look forward to its expansion and many more like it in the state.”

Wyoming sees job guide as a retention tool

"For years, policy makers in Wyoming have worked hard to make sure that young people have every opportunity to stay in Wyoming to live, work and raise their own families," Gov. Dave Freudenthal said. "Those efforts get a boost from these Career Cluster Guides, which alert students to the opportunities before them but, more importantly, also help them know how to best seize those opportunities."

Wyoming is calling future leaders

"When young people come to Washington their leadership talent is already showing," Enzi said. The programs only help that leadership grow, he said. "It’s the greatest time you could possibly have in Washington, educationally as well as socially."

Study says Wyoming tourism jobs top 30,000

"That’s an encouraging trend and one that shows sustained growth in an industry that clearly has a great future in Wyoming," Gov. Dave Freudenthal said Thursday. "Young people willing to work their way up can have an extremely rewarding career in their home state."

Combining straw and plastic at Heartland BioComposites in Torrington, Wyoming

Heath Van Eaton came up with the idea of using wheat straw and recycled plastics to produce a natural fiber composite as a wood substitute. He and his wife, Amy, decided more than a decade ago to pursue his ideas, “and to do it right.”

Florida Polo company, Polo Gear considers move to Wyoming

"If there are any drawbacks to the location, they’re far surpassed by the quality of life,"

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