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Pilot program that trains Wyoming women for jobs traditionally held by men — truck driving, welding and construction — deserves to be continued and expanded in the Equality State.

The pilot program demonstrated that many women have the motivation and initiative to complete training in nontraditional fields. As long as the state and its private partners fund it and employers hire the graduates, the program will fulfill its goal of improving the wages and lives of the participants.

Oil-gas to hydrogen in Wyoming? Energy school planned by the University of Wyoming must be flexible enough to deal with future changes in the state’s energy industry.

Gov. Dave Freudenthal, who appointed industry officials as seven of the council’s nine voting members, urged the board to “think 40 years down the road.”

Manufacturers and Technology Companies Unite To Diversify The Wyoming Economy

Wyoming’s Technology Organization Members are Now the #3 Contributor To the Wyoming Economy

Hells Angels’ finds plenty of fun in Cody during its World Run. Next year – Portugal

Carl from Rhode Island rode 2,300 miles to get here. Jose G. visited the rodeo and even rode a bull. A man from Germany and his Austrian friend have decided to stay a few extra days.

All the men are first-time visitors to Cody, and all said they’re having a great time. And they all happen to be members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Wyoming doesn’t make FutureGen cut

Wyoming has been cut from a list of prospective sites to host the world’s first ever zero-emissions coal-fueled power plant.

Cody, Wyoming businesses rev up for Hells Angels

But Hells Angels, with their outlaw image, aren’t just any bikers, and not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat.

Wyoming Technology Organization Hires Shawn Mills as New Executive Director

"There seems to be a growing number of science and technology entrepreneurs who are making things happen in Wyoming. Many of them are working quietly below the radar. We’d like to engage these folks in a greater dialogue-one where we all benefit.

Plugging the brain drain in Wyoming

Several states use scholarships to keep their best and brightest close to home. But Wyoming has added a twist: a planned $400 million endowment that will generate an estimated $20 million a year, virtually guaranteeing a steady source of funding for its program.

Wiring Wyoming

"I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of good broadband connectivity to the economic development of high-growth companies,"

Development grant runs into opposition in Jackson, Wyoming

State Rep. Pete Jorgensen, D-Jackson, questioned using the Wyoming Business Council grant to help "a healthy business venture in the most expensive real estate market in Wyoming," according to his letter to the board.