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Biden sends a lifeline to the ‘sandwich generation’ with childcare and eldercare proposals

The initiatives were once part of Build Back Better, Biden’s gargantuan legislative agenda that stalled on Capitol Hill two years ago. Now they’re what Neera Tanden, the Democratic president’s top domestic policy adviser, describes as “unfinished business.”

Increasing Future Immigration Grows the U.S.’ Competitive Advantage

Without raising immigration levels now, the U.S. will no longer be the world’s largest economy. Expanded immigration will ensure that the U.S. workforce can continue to outperform global competitors.

New nation, new ideas: A study finds immigrants out-innovate native-born Americans

Today, around a quarter of all workers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields are immigrants.

How Car-Centric Cities Make Caring For Families Stressful — Particularly For Women

Women do a disproportionate share of the care-related travel their households rely on — and car-focused planning isn’t making matters easier.

With 1 Simple Word, Ex-Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Revealed the Company’s Biggest Problem. It’s a Lesson in Emotional Intelligence

Look closely at Howard Schultz’s recent advice on how to fix Starbucks, and a key insight emerges.

Internships, taxes, coding: Pilot education program aims to bring back life skills

The contours of Wyoming’s new self-led learning initiative, ‘RIDE,’ begin to show themselves as pilot districts complete initiative’s first year.

CBS 60 Minutes – Private equity’s unlikely champion for giving workers a leg up with employee ownership 60-minutes

Today, roughly 12 million Americans are employed by companies owned by private equity, firms like KKR that specialize in buying businesses with the goal of improving performance and value, and ultimately reselling for a profit: a practice that often involves cuts and layoffs. Over a 10-year span, it’s estimated that at least a half million jobs have been lost to private equity cutbacks…

Talent Attraction Reception for HR Professionals, Hiring Managers & Recruiters – 5/15 – Great Falls, Montana

This event aims to introduce and discuss various tools and resources that can support your workforce needs.

Montana Nonprofit Association Annual Conference – Online October 3-4 AND Helena October 9-11

In a year of contentious elections, where citizens are met with an onslaught of divisive messaging and pick-your-side rhetoric, MNA’s conference aims to be a place where we can explore nuance.

Cultivating a Healthy Work-life Integration Culture

In this Nano Tool for Leaders, Wharton’s Stew Friedman shares tips for retaining Gen Z and millennial workers, who strive for work-life balance.