Workforce Development

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Gazette opinion: Want a workforce? Invest now in career education

Montana’s present spending on career education is one-tenth (or less) of what our neighbors are providing. It’s unreasonable to believe Montana can make its student population competitive in the job market with such a disparity in career education investment.

Wealth without workers, workers without wealth

The incomes of the highly educated–those with the skills to complement computers–have soared, while pay for others lower down the skill ladder has been squeezed. The best thing governments can do is to raise the productivity and employability of less-skilled workers.

Farmers brace for labor shortage under new policy

"It’s possible that because of this action, agriculture will lose workers without any mechanism to bring in new workers."

Montana’s two-year colleges to address shortage of manufacturing workers

"We’re experiencing a severe skills gap and workforce shortage for many of us requiring skilled welders, machinists and other manufacturing positions."

How to change what the tech workforce looks like

Is anything likely to change in 2015? Or the next year, or next?

Why U.S. Women Are Leaving Jobs Behind

In many other countries, however, the percentage of working women has continued to climb.

President Obama Launches Competitions for New Manufacturing Innovation Hubs and American Apprenticeship Grants

To help support new advancements in manufacturing, the President will announce more than $290 million in public-private investment for two new Manufacturing Innovation Hub Competitions.

Labor Department to Award $100M to Expand High-Tech, High-Demand Industry Apprenticeships

Labor expects to make about 25 awards, ranging between $2.5-5 million, to public-private partnerships that will register, improve and expand apprenticeship programs around the country.

Millennials aren’t job hopping as much as previous generations. Here’s why that’s bad.

It is clear that staying put has a cost, mostly because of the kinds of jobs millennials are likely to land these days: lower-paying positions that often don’t require a college degree.

Ratio of Workers to Retirees Will Plummet Worldwide

The ratio of workers to retirees will drop precipitously in numerous countries worldwide this century, potentially sending nations into a financial tailspin.