Workforce Development

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FVCC Awarded $3.65 Million in Grants for Training Programs

Money will help college respond to needs of manufacturing industry

New Rules

Technology and globalization are wiping out lower-skilled jobs faster, while steadily raising the skill level required for new jobs. More than ever now, lifelong learning is the key to getting into, and staying in, the middle class.

States cutting training for jobs the economy needs most.

Technical, engineering and health care expertise are among the few skills in huge demand even in today’s lackluster job market. They are also, unfortunately, some of the most expensive subjects to teach.

Growing market: Experts say Missoula has plenty of health care jobs, training

What jobs in the medical field are most in demand, now through the next five years?

Internship: ‘Job shadow times 10’

The internships are among a handful of programs being implemented to meet workforce readiness goals of the Great Falls Public Schools.

A Blueprint for a 21st Century Workforce

Even more than with analytical skill, social intelligence increases the wages of knowledge workers but of blue-collar and service workers as well.

How to Manage Teenage Employees

Here are five strategies for bringing out the best in your teenage employees.

Rural Health Delivery Winter 2012 – A Quarterly Update from Montana AHEC / Office of Rural Health

Together, these organizations are working to address the healthcare workforce needs of the state and improve the health of all Montanans.

Montana State University’s workforce and professional development spring courses open for registration

New courses include Search Engine Optimization, How to Start a Business in Montana, and Climate Change in the Northern Rockies, among others.

Montana CDC Receives Grant from Starbucks and Opportunity Finance Network’s "Create Jobs for USA" Initiative

The money will help Montana CDC create and sustain jobs in Montana as part of a national campaign to support community businesses in underserved communities.