Workforce Development

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Great Falls, Montana Leaders agree: Business is good, but labor market tight

"Our business is good, and we continue to win new contracts," she said. "It’s been a challenge to find experienced welders and fitters, but we are working with local technical colleges to hire and train employees."

Geek Shortage Stymies Israel’s Tech Boom

The country known as `Start-Up Nation’ now has a computer-scientist shortage

Community Colleges and Employers Develop Online Course Content To Address High-Need Skills Gap

The College Employer Collaborative (CEC), a group of community colleges and employers that will work with CorpU to develop college curricula and credentials intended to meet the needs of high-growth industries.

Coding Boot Camp Enrollment Soars as Students Seek Tech Jobs

Computer-related jobs are expected to grow faster than the median for all occupations through 2022, according to government statistics.

Mark Warner on the Millennial workforce and the ‘gig economy’

Susan Page interviews Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) about the shifting ideals in the workforce, especially in the Millennial generation, and what that means for policymakers

Hidden or Unemployed: America’s Failure to Get Disabled People Jobs

The employment rate for the disabled remains basically unchanged after a quarter-century, and many of the 34 percent of Americans with disabilities who do have jobs are in sheltered workshops earning around $2 an hour.

What Cities Need to Close the Skills Gap for ‘Smart Jobs’

"Advanced industry" jobs are expected to drive economic growth. But cities must invest in training and education to build a qualified workforce.

Q&A: Michael Bernick, on job prospects for adults with autism

People in the autism community don’t operate in a separate labor market. They use the same tools as the general labor market.

Graduates say colleges aren’t preparing them for the workforce

According to a study from Northeastern University, 62 percent of graduates said they were unhappy with the way their universities have prepared them for the workplace.

Career Training Institute offers stepping stone for Montana youth

The Career Training Institute hopes to have funding to offer 25 to 30 16- to 24-year-olds from low-income families a chance to find jobs in potential career fields.