Workforce Development

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A chance for a renewed relationship in Workforce Development

There are multiple reasons to head for your nearby workforce board office to talk about the opportunities for improving the position of your institution that will arise during the upcoming transition.

"Year Up" trains thousands of disadvantaged youth for internships that often lead to corporate jobs — jobs that companies have found hard to fill

It may surprise you to learn that even in this time of stubbornly high unemployment there are hundreds of thousands of good jobs available that companies are finding hard to fill.

Program helps at-risk Montana youth get work experience – Opportunities Inc.

Program Coordinator Diane Willson said the program is intended to help youth who are struggling with school or other issues gain a positive career focus.

Highlands College trade certificates get new workers out the door quickly in welding

Each program has a cap of 10 students, so Highlands Dean John Garic encourages students to sign up as soon as possible for fall semester, when classes start.

What 8 States Are Doing to Build Better Pathways From High School to Careers

The network is trying to increase the number of high-school graduates earning a postsecondary credential that will lead to a decent-paying job.

Is the Workforce Ready for the Rise of Smart Machines?

"Job destruction will happen at a faster pace, with machine-driven job elimination overwhelming the market’s ability to create valuable new ones."

Montana Receives $5.125 Million Grant for Job Training Efforts

"With more than 11,000 new jobs created in Montana since the beginning of the year, it is clear that our
economy is on the move, however many Montanans still are struggling to earn the skills to compete in our
changing economy," Governor Steve Bullock said.

Employers go to college to guide worker training

Accounting, data analytics and advanced manufacturing companies are among those found on college campuses these days, their managers hoping to ensure they get employees with the right mix of technical and communication skills.

Data: the Crucial Link Between Higher Education and the Workforce We Need

To address that problem, we came up with four recommendations for governors that fit into the Data Quality Campaign policy roadmap but offer a greater focus on leadership:

Selling Manufacturing to a New Generation

Manufacturers across the United States are targeting schools and colleges to let young people know there is more to manufacturing than pulling levers on an assembly line.