Workforce Development

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First lady: Tech industry to train, hire 90,000 veterans

Mrs. Obama said more than 850,000 veterans and military spouses had been hired by U.S. businesses in the four years since the president set the hiring goal.

States Offered $15 Million To Spur Disability Employment

The new funding is intended to be used by state workforce agencies to create "flexible and innovative strategies" to grow participation of people with disabilities in federally-funded job training programs.

Montana SHRM State Council Receives Prestigious SHRM Award for Advancing the HR Profession

"I am extremely proud of our Montana SHRM State Council for our 2014 achievements and am thrilled that we have been awarded the EXCEL Gold Award" noted Elizabeth Rissler Pratt, 2014 Montana SHRM State Council President

Microsoft launches program to hire people with autism

"People with autism bring strengths that we need at Microsoft, each individual is different, some have amazing ability to retain information, think at a level of detail and depth or excel in math or code," she wrote. "It’s a talent pool that we want to continue to bring to Microsoft!"

Teenagers have never been a smaller portion of our population

There are currently fewer #teens as a percentage of all Americans than at any point on record. And it will keep dropping.

President Obama to announce effort to boost high-tech training, hiring

Under the plan, the federal government would provide as-of-yet unspecified federal assistance to help local governments leverage training for high-tech workers.

Why Women Who Code Can Close the Wage Equality Gap

I believe strongly that getting more women into STEM fields is the right place to start addressing this problem.

This Boss Gives the Disabled What She Says They Want Most: Jobs

The Prospector Theater in Ridgefield, Connecticut is a one of a kind movie house employing adults with special needs.

The few, the proudly employed, the coding boot camp graduates

That experience that you get in the university just doesn’t give you enough of that hands-on experience that you need."

Gazette opinion: Want a workforce? Invest now in career education

Montana’s present spending on career education is one-tenth (or less) of what our neighbors are providing. It’s unreasonable to believe Montana can make its student population competitive in the job market with such a disparity in career education investment.