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Qpass sold for $275 million. Amdocs pays cash for VC-backed company that saw tough times

It is the third-largest acquisition of a privately held, venture-backed technology company in the state.

Washington State Releases Global Competitiveness Recommendations

The State of "Washington is its own small nation in this new world economy." Gov. Christine Gregoire

Corus Pharma raises $25 million. Seattle biotech gets funds from Gilead Sciences

As a result of the announcement, Gilead has become the second-largest shareholder in Corus Pharma. Milligan said the company will make a decision whether to purchase the remainder of the company after it analyzes the results from two Phase 3 clinical studies.

Surfing the Web — with no connection. Webaroo unveils new service for mobile computer users

Today, Husick and Mathur are introducing Webaroo — a Bellevue company whose free software allows users of laptops and hand-held computers to take portions of the Web with them wherever they wander.

Washington State official touts incubators

Every dollar of public money invested in small business incubators generates $30 in return

Next IT’s work force shoots to 50. Young Spokane developer of artificial intelligence also sees revenues triple

About 70 percent of Next IT’s revenues currently come from its ActiveAgent Web-based software, which uses virtual guides to interact with Web-site visitors and customers, says Brown.

ReliOn quadruples sales volume Spokane Valley fuel-cell maker could be profitable within next couple of years

“They very easily over the next couple of years could become the first profitable fuel-cell company in the country,” says Scott Morris, president of Avista Utilities and a member of ReliOn’s board. “They continually meet their milestones and their projections.”

Services Group of America to move headquarters out of Washington State to Arizona. Estate Tax Policy is to Blame for the Shift

"With the Legislature and the governor electing to impose the highest state inheritance tax in the nation on family owned companies, it has left us with little choice but to move,"

When it rains, it pours. 2 financing rounds announced by Northwest Venture Associates

The venture capital firm, with offices in Spokane and Seattle, lead two financing rounds in Pacific Northwest companies.

Server farms could be a cash crop in Washington State. Techs look at spud fields for growing needs

"Data centers like this are what contains the family jewels," Enderle said. "They’re looking for low-cost real estate and stable sites in terms of weather and geographic activity. It means they’ve done some work and determined it’s one of the least-expensive, safest places they can build."