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What Is Blockchain Technology?

Few people understand what it is, but
Wall Street banks, IT organizations, and
consultants are buzzing about blockchain

Blockchain Pumping New Life Into Old-School Companies Like IBM

IBM was one of the first big companies to see blockchain’s promise, contributing code to an open-source effort and encouraging startups to try the technology on its cloud for free.

The Top 18 Security Predictions for 2018

Here’s your annual security industry prediction roundup from the top cybersecurity experts, magazines, companies, analysts and more.

How to develop augmented reality apps


How to Use Blockchain: 10 Use Cases

Forward-thinking enterprises are investigating innovative uses for this distributed ledger technology.

Why AI Could Be Entering a Golden Age

Together with advances in computing power and scale, AI is making big strides today like never before.

A Strategist’s Guide to Blockchain

ould it replace notary publics, manual vote recounts, and the way banks manage transactions?

A Tiny New Chip Could Secure the Next Generation of IoT

The challenge with internet of things security so far has been the cost of implementing hardened features.

A.I. uses cars to predict neighborhood’s politics

"Using easily obtainable visual data, we can learn so much about our communities, on par with some information that takes billions of dollars to obtain via census surveys. More importantly, this research opens up more possibilities of virtually continuous study of our society using sometimes cheaply available visual data."

How Artificial Intelligence Is Powering Everyday Tasks

"[Databases are] so generally useful, they got assigned to all the applications. AI is exactly the same."-Frank Chen