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One Big Question: How do we manage the downside risks of AI? Darren Quick

If Hollywood is to be believed, the development of super-intelligent AI will spell the end of civilization as we know it and spark an unwinnable war between man and machine.

U of Washington, Amazon Partner to Create AI Startup Accelerator

Powered by Techstars and created by Amazon’s $100 million Alexa Fund, the newly launched Alexa Accelerator aims to advance conversational AI, including speech technology and voice application.

What if Computers Become Smarter Than Humans?

We may be rocketing toward an increasingly intelligent technology without enough thought about the implications for ourselves and our planet.

Tech Companies Tap New Talent From Academia For AI

Students in artificial intelligence are "worth somewhere between $5 million and $10 million to a company’s bottom line," said Andrew Moore, dean of CMU’s School of Computer Science.

Elon Musk: It is only a matter of time before AI takes down the internet

Tesla and SpaceX chief executive is again wary about the dangers of advanced artificial intelligence.

Our Inevitable Future: A Conversation With Kevin Kelly About VR, Digital Socialism, And His New Book

My bias is that the studios will spend a lot of money trying this, but it’s the Buzzfeeds of the world that will come along and make something that will actually work.

Wireless tags make any object a smart device

MESH Tags enable users to assign tasks to household items, making conventional objects smart and connected.

Elon Musk: New version of Tesla Autopilot mind-blowing

Musk dropped hints about future vehicles. The small SUV will be called, as expected, the Model Y. That would extend the four-vehicle lineup to the models "S3XY."

How A.I. Is About To Disrupt Corporate Recruiting

Corporate recruiting is broken, as you probably know if you have ever tried to obtain a job using company job boards.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is an opportunity to create tools that save money, save lives and improve life in ways that can’t be measured.