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Google’s Brin ‘surprised’ by speed of AI advances

"This revolution," Brin said, "has been very profound and definitely surprised me even though I was right in there and could throw paper clips at them."

Concerns on AI’s Economic Impact Are In a Class By Themselves

There are serious fears that AI advances will lead to massive job losses, economic dislocations and social unrest.

Autonomous drones are being called the biggest thing in military technology since the nuclear bomb.

Now, a new generation of drones is coming.

Tech Giants Bring Artificial Intelligence, Reality-Altering Devices to Market

Widespread use of these technologies may still be a ways off, but early pilots have begun to hint at their vast potential in government.

3 Ways to Fight the AI Job Drain

"Whether AI leads to unemployment and increases in inequality over the long run depends not only on the technology itself but also on the institutions and policies that are in place."

2016: The Year That Deep Learning Took Over the Internet

Deep learning is remaking Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Artificial Intelligence and You: Demystifying the Technology Landscape

This report breaks down the most well-known AI products and technologies on the market today

VR, AR will be very real in 2017

Virtual reality? Augmented Reality? Or the latest variation, mixed reality? What are we supposed to make of our own, regular reality in light of all this stuff?

Artificial intelligence could cost millions of jobs. The White House says we need more of it.

While certain industries, such as transportation and agriculture, appear to be embracing the technology with relative haste, others are likely to face a slower period of adoption.

The Great A.I. Awakening

How Google used artificial intelligence to transform Google Translate, one of its more popular services — and how machine learning is poised to reinvent computing itself.