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Resource network is formed – Utah Business Link will offer host of services

"They will be focused on supporting entrepreneurs, the idea being that it’s very confusing to entrepreneurs and young or new CEOs where to get the resources," Frey said. "They see a number of entities all over the state providing services, some offering certain services, some offering others. We’re going to try very hard to provide a very unified, simple presentation to entrepreneurs so that they have a much easier time accessing the resources they need to be successful."

Only one bid submitted on Utah business recruiting RFP… conflict possible

Historically, the state has done its own recruiting. But Huntsman and Roybal fired most of the economic development leadership shortly after Huntsman took office, saying the state needed a more efficient, business model for economic development.

Utah aims to erase hindrances to investing in startups

"About 10 or 15 years ago the message to the business community nationally was, ‘Come to Utah. We have cheap labor,’ " Roybal said. "I think the message is significantly different now. Our message is that we continue to have the youngest labor pool in the United States, and because of our high concentration of academic institutions here, they tend to be a little bit smarter and a little bit more educated."

Utahns urged to help lure businesses – Gov. wants to target specific cluster development

Technology can be supported by backing the state’s identification of economic "clusters," or types of industries where Utah has demonstrated world-class expertise. Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. wants business recruitment and existing business development targeted in these groups and wants to develop cooperation among competing companies in the individual clusters.

Venture Accelerator Club founded in Cache Valley, UT

The club will consider proposals for technology-based businesses emanating from USU and other regional universities, as well as those from the general public in northern Utah.

VSpring leads round of $5.1 million in financing

Steven H. Kane, president and chief executive officer of Protalex, said the company will use the proceeds primarily to fund upcoming clinical trials for a compound to treat rheumatoid arthritis and pemphigus, and also for general working capital purposes.

The Davis Applied Technology College launches entrepreneurial center for Utah entrepreneurs

"The main focus is on helping entrepreneurs just beginning to get their business off the ground,"

Sorenson Capital invests in Provo Craft

Unlike other equity funds, Sorenson Capital is a leveraged buyout fund, where money is targeted at buying small to midsize Western U.S. companies with revenues of $30 million to $300 million.

Greg Warnock Tells Utah Entrepreneurs ""There is an oversupply of investment capital"

"Our main objective is to maintain an environment where you as entrepreneurs can thrive," he said. "That is our charge, and I believe that together we can get it done."

Hot spots: Utah firm finds a rich niche in hospitality industry by providing wired and wireless broadband service to corporate road warriors.

Reflecting its financial and customer growth, iBAHN increased its global work force to 300 over the past year. More hiring is expected as the company’s fortunes continue to climb.