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Incentives are pushed for growth in business in Utah

"We are not nearly as aggressive as the states that are close around us, and when a company is looking to come to a state, they’re getting much larger incentive packages (elsewhere)," said Michael Nelson, director of corporate recruitment for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. "Now, we have a great state, and a lot of times, it is our work force and other benefits that attract these companies, and they are coming to the state, but it’s something we have to look at and something we have to encourage."

Speed-Dating and Venture Funding Collide at Speedpitching Luncheon; 10 Entrepreneurs to Pitch to Dozens of Utah Investors During One-Hour, Speed-Dating Styled Luncheon.

"The speedpitching luncheon will benefit busy investors and entrepreneurs alike,"

Talent, tech put Salt Lake in fast elite

Cities that made the list, Conley said, "tell you that it is an attractive place for people in a creative class to live."

Film industry ditching Utah for other states – Lack of incentives costs Utah film industry’s economic boost

Those lawmakers concurred that a $1 million incentive program approved last session was helpful, but still inadequate to keep Utah competitive with other states for film business.

Utah urged to boost filmmaking incentives – Skimpy fund costing state millions, officials tell panel

Von der Esch said for every $1 incentive given to a film production, the state captures $6 back in taxes, yet the limited dollars prevented the film commission from going after bigger productions.

Utah Space industry wants word out

Jake Garn, a former U.S. senator from Utah who flew aboard the space shuttle Discovery in 1984, said he is "amazed at how uninformed the people of Utah are, that how many people do not know every solid rocket motor for every shuttle flight was manufactured here in Utah? What sandhill have they had their heads stuck in?"

Utah University and Utah State University set $$ sights high Business, education teaming up to ask Legislature for the funds to pump up the number of technology businesses in Utah

"The business community came to the universities and said, ‘We would like to pump up the number of technology businesses in Utah,’ " Brittain said. "They’re calling on the research universities to hire these teams to create the technologies."

Giving technology a boost – Various ideas target life sciences industry in Utah

A possible life science angel network would bring together potential investors and life sciences companies, network supporter Andrew Laver told the commission. Both angel investors and companies exist, "but there’s no formal infrastructure on how they can meet," he said.

Centers of Excellence seeks funds in Utah

The Centers program began in 1986 to help mature research technology into products. The $49 million in overall funding since then has been for more than 100 centers. More than 175 companies have been spun out, and 61 remain in Utah, she said.

Action sought on model for economy of small Utah communities — not ‘dust’

Desire for Beaver or some other community to be a "poster child" for economic development programs so that other rural communities could better know what programs and projects work.