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Utah Governor Huntsman keeps public in dark on subsidies to expand or relocate companies to the state.

The increase in secrecy comes at a time when Utah is pledging a record level of incentives – as much as $23 million to 14 out-of-state companies in 2005 alone.

Utah Science and Technology Research bill takes a step – $200 million toward new university research facilities and an annual $15 million toward recruitment of researchers.

"Our high-tech jobs we are dropping. We’re really losing ground," Mansell said. "If we’re to get back in the game of high-tech jobs, we need to do some things that are fairly aggressive."

Venture capital sends cash to Utah businesses. $40 Million here…$45 Million there. Pretty soon you’re talking about real money. $249 million in ’05. Now that’s economic development!!

This is what I call economic development. Why not in Montana? Russ

Officials pushing program to help farmers. Utah’s Own label: Agriculture execs want help from the Legislature

"Agriculture creates new wealth because farmers are producing something that didn’t exist until they grew or produced it," said Rep. Michael Noel, R-Kanab. "There’s no better way to help rural communities than to buy the goods they’re producing."

Utah’s new brand getting last-minute touch-ups before unveiling Feb. 8

The Utah Board of Tourism Development on Friday approved the brand "platform" and gave the go-ahead to its marketing committee to work with Office of Tourism staff and W Communications of Salt Lake City to finalize creative elements and draft the marketing plan.

Biotech buzz. After years of research and huge investments, Utah companies close in on breakthroughs

"This is a tremendously exciting time," Hunter says. "We’re finally at that certain coming of age. All of us who have been involved with this company could soon be able to feel as though we have done all we set out to do back in 1986."

Utah Tourism board hands out grants for advertising

A month ago, 22 other organizations were given $790,023 for similar promotional efforts. An additional $1 million in cooperative funds will be available sometime next spring for tourism campaigns that have a summer emphasis.

Utah Valley firms win entrepreneur awards

"These individuals and companies are ambassadors of the best that Utah and Utah Valley has to offer," said John Richards, UVEF board chairman. "They are representative of diverse efforts to continue the common goal of growing Utah business."

Salt Lake City high on list for company location

"You can have a nice quality of life for less in Salt Lake City compared to some other locations,"

Utah’s LDS influence is turnoff, some firms say

"We still have a perception problem,"