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Salt Lake City’s New Environmentally Sensitive Megasuburb

Kennecott Utah Copper Corp., a multinational mining company, plans a new megasuburb twice the size of San Francisco, for a half-million residents.

Utah firms to get tips on growth

"We see a lot of business owners that just get scared,"

Grow Utah Ventures gives back. Founder Hall’s ‘mission in life’ is helping local entrepreneurs succeed

"Grow Utah Ventures’ goal is to be the most powerful private entity for economic development," Hall said. "We’ve got the governor and counties and cities doing what they do, but there’s no reason why private people can’t try and marshal their resources to get some things done."

Utah governor Huntsman talks up global outreach

Groups like the Utah Technology Council will play a critical role in making sure Utah’s next generation is ready to compete in the technology, research and development and innovation arenas still owned by American intellect, Huntsman said.
"In many ways," the governor told the group, "You are driving the ship of state for the next 20 years."

Utah Proposes Significant Tax Reform Changes Including a Discussion on Lowering the Corporate Income Tax Rate.

Utah is a state of 2.5 million people, and its research universities, the University of Utah and Utah State University, bring in more than $500 million in research funding. “For a state our size, that is a large number,” Edwards says.

Deutsche Bank commits $100 million to Utah fund

The Utah Fund of Funds was created pursuant to the Utah Venture Capital Enhancement Act to enhance the venture capital culture and infrastructure and increase venture capital investment in the state.

Utah is back in the technology game, experts say. State will never be a ‘Silicon Valley,’ however

Utah’s strengths may be best exploited specifically rather than generally

Glass company takes cash incentive of $3K per job, will build in St. George, Utah –

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development Board agreed in February to pay the company $3,000 per job for each worker it adds, up to as many as 250 people.

Lehi deal: 1,850 jobs for $15M. State offers Micron, Intel incentive to expand in Utah

"These are the types of jobs Utah wants and needs,"

Infopia of Salt Lake closes on $8 million in venture capital funding

Through two funding rounds, Infopia has raised $15 million.