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University of Utah President Michael Young urges universities, businesses to collaborate

The U., he said, has "2,000 brilliant, pointy-headed professors, but they’re not businesspeople."

Utah tech companies grew 7.3% in year

The state has nearly 60,000 technology and life sciences jobs, and the average technology salary is 66 percent higher than the statewide average annual wage for nonagricultural jobs. The IT and life science industries also generate $3.1 billion in annual Utah wages.

Utah software company sold. Avocent buys LANDesk in $416 million deal

Other than being rechristened LANDesk: An Avocent Compay, no changes are anticipated in management or the 524-strong international work force; 275 employees are based in Utah.

9 Utah firms funded. High-tech trio lures more than half of Utah’s first-quarter investments

"There are glimmers of activity that remind me of the early days of the Internet bubble," Bob Williams, a general partner with Bay Partners in Cupertino, Calif., told AP. "I wouldn’t call it irrational exuberance yet, but I would call it budding enthusiasm."

More incentives for Utah firms urged

State economic development officials want to help more in-state companies benefit from financial incentives that historically have been used to lure out-of-state firms to Utah.

Utah trade mission in Mexico is a success. Orders and contracts: At least 3 of the 10 companies that courted the neighbor nation to the south see results in only a few weeks

Bishop attributed much of the success that Chisco experienced to the planning by the state’s trade representatives. They worked for months arranging the face-to-face meetings between the Utah business owners and their counterparts in Mexico.
"Everyone who I met with already had copies of our product brochures. They were familiar with Chisco and what it did, and many were ready to do business," Bishop said.

Employers feel the squeeze in Utah. Salaries rising to compete for scarce employees

Staffing and recruiting companies say a number of employers are raising wages in Utah to levels found in other western states – including California.

Salt Lake City’s New Environmentally Sensitive Megasuburb

Kennecott Utah Copper Corp., a multinational mining company, plans a new megasuburb twice the size of San Francisco, for a half-million residents.

Utah firms to get tips on growth

"We see a lot of business owners that just get scared,"

Grow Utah Ventures gives back. Founder Hall’s ‘mission in life’ is helping local entrepreneurs succeed

"Grow Utah Ventures’ goal is to be the most powerful private entity for economic development," Hall said. "We’ve got the governor and counties and cities doing what they do, but there’s no reason why private people can’t try and marshal their resources to get some things done."