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Utah’s Centers of Excellence Program: A 20-Year Review

The primary goal of the program is to develop
technologies with commercial potential in order to boost economic
development within the state of Utah through the creation of new
companies and enhancement of business opportunities for existing

‘Fast-track’ bill for rural firms gets OK

"We see a great opportunity for us to grow local businesses, and it doesn’t take a lot in rural Utah to create a meaningful job or a meaningful opportunity for them. This will give us the opportunity to really take care of that."

Paiute tech company in Utah climbs ranks in just three years

In just three years, Suh’dutsing Technologies has risen from a struggling startup to an American Indian success story – and more.

Utah becomes hot market for top-end resorts

he luxury accommodations are putting Park City ahead of Aspen and Sun Valley in resort real estate sales and will increase one southern Utah county’s assessed property values by 20 percent.

Disney to open video game development studio in Utah

"Utah really has a surprisingly rich heritage in video game development," he said Wednesday. "That goes back to the time of WordPerfect, Novell and Evans & Sutherland, when a lot of sharp, technical people got into games and spawned a pretty healthy, deep bench of talent."
How deep is that animation pool? Fall Line expects to hire 99 percent of its staff of 60 locally. So far, no Disney employees have had to relocate to Utah from California except one.

Centers of Excellence Tech Transfer Program called a bargain for Utahns

"This is a program with a history of producing companies and having an important impact on the state’s economy," said Jan E. Crispin, who wrote the review for the University of Utah’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research. "And yet the state continues to fund it on, what I think, are these low levels."

Utah company sponsors programming contest

The winner of the Utah company’s free-to-enter "Deathmatch" competition will get a check for $10,000, says Berkeley Data spokesman Devin Knighton.

Venture funding up 77% in Utah

"We’ve got a good mix of start-up, seed, expansion and late-growth investments," Strain said. "It’s a good sign for all of the businesses here in Utah that it’s not just software and Internet that’s dominating the VC market."

Immigrants turn Utah into mini-melting pot

These influences have helped give the state a reputation of being warm and welcoming to immigrants.

Chamber’s SLC vision: Trails, rails and culture. Vibrant downtown sections, fluid travel are main goals

"[In] cities that are successful, one of the common threads is they have a unified vision that transcends political administrations,"