Utah Business and Economic Development

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Action sought on model for economy of small Utah communities — not ‘dust’

Desire for Beaver or some other community to be a "poster child" for economic development programs so that other rural communities could better know what programs and projects work.

Utah tourism co-op program seeks funding applicants

Nonprofit entities are eligible to apply for $2 million appropriated by the Legislature for the current fiscal year.

First $500,000 rebate from Utah film commission goes to Hopkins flick- Incentive program part of pilot to draw filmmakers to Utah

Leigh von der Esch, managing director of the state’s Office of Tourism, and Aaron Lee Syrett, director of the Utah Film Commission explained the way the incentives work. The state has one million dollars in incentives to award each year. No one project may get more than $500,000. "The World’s Fastest Indian" was actually reimbursed before the new law went into effect, as part of a pilot program to demonstrate to the legislature how the 10 percent incentive would work.

Utah advised to lure tourists from West

"You want to focus your communications to the West, particularly California and Nevada, and don’t forget the residents and day-trip markets," McWilliams told the group. "Focus on gaining back share of travel from (Los Angeles), Vegas, Denver and Idaho Falls."

13,000 homes to be built in Utah to get fiber-optic connections

"Technology infrastructure is one thing where if you build it they will come," McMahon said. "Just ask the people in Bangalore, India, which is now the largest software development center in the world. They put in all of that infrastructure before they had any of those jobs."

Boost in funding is sought for Utah economic development – $8 million should be north of $16 (million) or $17 million

"And it’s more important to us now than it was then, and it should have been going up all along," he said.

State incentives are OK’d for 3 companies moving to Utah

"This is a big, big expansion in the state. . . . We’re talking over a thousand jobs here, so this is a big deal. They’re all good jobs,"

Skilled workers in short supply in Utah

Only a few other states can claim higher job-growth numbers so far this year, leaving employers in several industries facing shortages of qualified workers.

Some pretty, great state slogan ideas –

"Less Weird Than You’ve Heard."

Friendliness won Utah new Encover operation – Encover Inc. president ‘taken aback’ by the nice people he found

"I’m thinking, ‘Not only are these guys friendly, but they know how to sell. This is a good first impression,’ " Overstreet recalled.