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To Help Local Economies, Utah Hires Rural, Remote State Workers

Utah’s government looks for ways to “streamline and modernize” its operations. One way to do it: allowing and encouraging remote work and tapping into rural talent.

Traffic Light Or Roundabout: What’s Your Work Like?

So which model is your organisation based on?

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Board of Advisors

A business only improves when the leader improves.

Rural Utah Is Training for Work from Home – Is your Montana community telling its story so people will be able to consider moving there with their remote job?

“Business recruitment is a great strategy for an urban center. But for rural, it’s broken,” said Paul Hill, Utah State University Extension associate professor. “It’s been broken for a while and a lot of traditional economic development directors, they’ve been stuck.”

America’s ‘unworkable’ childcare system is crippling our economy, Treasury says

Years of market failures have made decent childcare unobtainable for many families.

4 ways job interviews have changed since the start of the pandemic

Members of Fast Company’s Impact Council shared how they’re adjusting the interview process, and what new questions they’re asking candidates.

Want Renewable Energy? Plan on joining USDA’s Webinar. – 9/16 – 1:30 – Online

Want to know how USDA’s Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) can help you build back, better and stronger?

Technology Policy Institute Launches Broadband Map

The Technology Policy Institute launched a new broadband map intended to help policymakers and others make evidence-based decisions, including how to best implement, evaluate, and take advantage of new infrastructure programs.

Why Making Entrepreneurship a Community Priority Is Key to America’s Economic Recovery

As the U.S. celebrates Small Business Week, the time is ripe to take a fresh look at the critical role that business owners will play in the post-covid economic recovery–and how best to support and foster entrepreneurship.

Internet funding rule could favor rural areas over cities

Some want the Treasury to define underserved areas as anything less than download and upload speeds of 100 Mbps.