University of Montana & Montana State University Tech Transfer

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Jumpstarting University Technology Innovation Ecosystems

In recent months, state and federal policy makers have launched a broad set of innovative programs aimed at accelerating technology transfer, the commercialization of government- and university-created intellectual property, or IP, through licenses and business startups.

Loveland invites businesses to tech transfer launch

These contracts are for "technology scouting" services designed to bridge companies to research being conducted at government and university laboratories, including those operated by NASA and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

NASA Tech Transfer Opportunity: Out of Autoclave Wind Turbine Blade Manufacturing Method – Multiaxis Accelerometer Calibration – Flow Control Devices

NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA solicits interest from companies interested in obtaining license rights to commercialize, manufacture and market the following technology. License rights may be issued on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis and may include specific fields of use.

Research University Commercialization and Entrepreneurship: New Strategies for Success

More and more universities are determining they can no longer afford to wait, passively hoping vibrant innovation ecosystems organically emerge over the course of time. To grow, such ecosystems require resources and planning.

How to turn your researchers into entrepreneurs

It is also important to recognise that the flow of knowledge is not a one way process. Maex warned that talk of technology transfer itself can be misleading. In her view, it is important to think of the two-way flow of knowledge between universities and businesses.

Seven Universities to Partner in Tech Transfer Talent Network

Establishing a multi-university network allows state universities to share resources, identify talent, and learn from one another’s commercialization strategies.

Research not for profit at University of Montana

"Typically the University pays the cost of finding commercial partners, but in my case they wished us luck and sent us off to pay for the license," DeGrandpre said.

He signed a contract that outlined how he could market his patent, but he needed to pay the licensing cost and forfeit his right to royalties. The contract also directs all profits to DeGrandpre’s business, not to him.

Montana State University research breakthrough worth billions could be marketed in 2013

A Montana State University science discovery 18 years in the making could soon save farmers worldwide billions of dollars through disease prevention.

State of Michigan Establishes New Tech Transfer Network Led by University of Michigan

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced the Tech Transfer Talent Network — a new $2.6 million initiative to increase the supply of seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators who can lend their expertise to member universities’ tech transfer offices.

Montana State University Ag Technology to Enter Global Biopesticide Market

Mahurin said that Montana Microbial Products is an excellent example of a Montana company picking up MSU’s research, while Certis is the best possible company to put BmJ into a global product line.