University of Montana & Montana State University Tech Transfer

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Strengthening the Link Between Industry and University Research

How do you get two different cultures – universities and private enterprise – to work together and collaborate to develop industries and create jobs?

Scientists go through three-day business ‘boot camp’ at U of M Innovation Corps Program

The program targets researchers at academic institutions who already receive NSF funding, but have yet to take their inventions outside the laboratory.

University of Washington launches $20 million venture fund to spur startups

Though at least half of the fund’s investments will go to UW spinouts, she said, the rest will be available for companies spun out from other schools and research institutions.

Boot Camp Helps Scientists Pitch Their Research Outside the Lab – ICorps

The aim of the program is to teach these scientists and engineers how to turn their knowledge into technology that could build companies and ultimately create jobs.

University of Montana R&D Available for Licensing Opportunities for Tech Transfer/Commercialization

Full Listing of available opportunities:

National Renewable Energy Lab Quickens its Tech Transfer Efforts

NREL is the only federal laboratory dedicated to the research, development, commercialization and deployment of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Backed by 35 years of achievement, NREL leads the way in helping meet the growing demand for clean energy.

Ohio State and Ohio universities joining forces to create $35M VC funding pool to turn research into jobs

Participants in a news conference today emphasized that the venture will benefit, not just the schools, but more importantly the state.

Group to draft rules to coordinate tech transfer efforts from multiple Universities

The program calls for the schools to create teams of individuals to help both schools increase the commercialization of their research programs. The teams will focus on developing and refining ideas for boosting intellectual property, patent submission, tech transfer and community outreach efforts for university researchers.

Jumpstarting University Technology Innovation Ecosystems

In recent months, state and federal policy makers have launched a broad set of innovative programs aimed at accelerating technology transfer, the commercialization of government- and university-created intellectual property, or IP, through licenses and business startups.

Loveland invites businesses to tech transfer launch

These contracts are for "technology scouting" services designed to bridge companies to research being conducted at government and university laboratories, including those operated by NASA and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.