University Business Plan Competitions

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Generating A+ ideas – BYU’s Business Plan Competition awards start-up

This year competition organizers attempted to get more participation from the whole campus instead of just BYU’s business school. The campuswide push netted a 40 percent increase in business plans submitted, pitting 55 groups against each other in the for-profit category.

Dog-and-pony show for venture capitalists – Business school students compete for $25,000 and a chance to be heard – Pennsylvania team wins USF prize

The competition, which ends today, drew 25 teams of business students from as far away as the United Kingdom, India, China and Israel. The total prize pot was only $25,000 — a drop in the bucket compared with grand prizes offered by other competitions.

But organizers of the USF contest, now in its sixth year, say it is a major draw — more than 150 teams from 12 countries applied — because it gives would-be entrepreneurs the chance to be seen and heard by representatives of some of the bigger venture capital firms in the VC-rich Bay Area.

Grads push business plans – CU students competing for thousands in funds

According to the plan, MRT produces a filtration tank designed to remove heavy metals from industrial wastewater. The product, created by CU associate professor Mark Hernandez, will reduce the cost of filtration by 35 percent.

MBAs to represent Colorado University in national business plan competition – huge honor for CU

Chris Cahill, a member of the NetDog team, said the professors presented the technology to the business plan class he and his teammates were taking. Cahill, David Parkhurst, Jay White and Chip Fuller thought it had a shot at being at the base of a viable company.

"So the four of us formed a team to see what we could do with it," Cahill said.

Submissions to the Gov.’s Business Plan Contest Exceed Expectations in Wisconsin

The first Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest has attracted more than 300 ideas from 234 individuals in more than 100 communities, exceeding contest organizer estimates.

The Elevator Competition – Wake Forest University

The Elevator competition simulates a two-minute elevator ride with a venture capitalist where the team gets to pitch its business idea.

Business Plan Bounty Increases to $105,000 in Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest

“Gov. Jim Doyle said during his 2002 campaign that he wanted to create a better entrepreneurial climate in Wisconsin, and he specifically mentioned a statewide Business Plan Contest as one way to do so,” said Secretary Nettles. “This first-ever contest is reaching out to entrepreneurs across Wisconsin – and tapping into ideas that can grow into businesses.

Wisconsin Business competitions give fuel to start-ups – Governor’s contest is state’s latest effort to spur job growth

"It is all about company creation," said Tom Still, president of the Wisconsin Technology Council. "This is another way to spur technology transfer and company formation in Wisconsin."

MBA SHOWDOWN – Here Comes the Competition – The First Annual Fortune Small Business Business Plan Competition

The winners of our first annual MBA business-plan contest have fresh ideas, strong management skills, and money. So watch out. They could be your new rivals. By Elaine Pofeldt Fortune Small Business If you think…

Entrepreneur challenge holding its kickoff at University of Utah

Nine student directors from the U. run the challenge. They organize the competition, raise funds for the prizes and operating budget and coordinate efforts between the student teams and community professionals. The competition’s first year was 1999.