University Business Plan Competitions

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MIT Kicks Off Clean Energy Competition

Designed to develop the next generation of clean, renewable, or efficient energy resources, and to spur the entrepreneurial activities that will bring these resources to market, the Ignite Clean Energy Competition, offers a series of networking, team-building, training, and mentoring opportunities that culminate in a business-plan competition. Awards total $125,000.

Arizona State University team tries to streamline Web shopping. wins $20K first prize in Entrepreneurship Challenge

Applying a team of computer science students to the problem led to, a comparison-shopping Web site that goes beyond product reviews to offer cash rewards to helpful shoppers.

UC-Berkeley team wins Intel-sponsored entrepreneur contest

The technology promises to deliver new levels of miniaturization, longer battery life and lower cost, the university said.

Tech’s Young Turks Are Back – University Business Plan Competitions Pave the Way

Without having ever held down a real job – not even paper routes – the two entered the Voltage idea in a Stanford business plan competition. One of the judges, Ken Gullicksen of Morgenthaler Ventures, wrote on their form: "Come and meet with me as soon as possible." They won the competition, and Gullicksen and others provided funding.

Start-Up New Hampshire Business plan competition brings out entrepreneurs with $250,000 in prizes

"We now have over 425 approximately business plans over the course of two years that have participated in this.

Future Entrepreneurs Get Down to Business at the University of Washington Business Plan Competition

At the University of Washington’s business school, participants in a business-plan contest had to defend their proposals in front of a jury of investors and professionals. The top plan won a $25,000 award. by Wendy…

Alzheimer’s drug firm and more winners named in Wisconsin business-plan contest

The award was granted at the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference in Milwaukee. For Mithridion, it includes a $20,000 cash prize and a year’s free rent in 2,700 square feet of space, including labs, at the University Research Park in Madison, valued at $80,000.

Foundations of a Winning Business Plan

The winning entry in this year’s Business Plan Contest at Harvard Business School was unique in several aspects. First, there had never been a plan for a bra business in the nine years of the contest’s existence.

UW business competition a good startup in itself

With $100,000 in total prize money at stake, the UW business plan competition is one of the most lucrative in the country.

Former University of Montana Business Student, Mario Schulzke Wins Prestigious Southern California Advertising Competition… Can you WONGDOODY?

Mario Schulzke manages business development for WONGDOODY’s Los Angeles office. During his tenure, WONGDOODY has won so much new business that Mario now has to share his cube.