Universities and Economic Development

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University of Arizona says Prop. 301 a boon to research, creativity

Universities receive 10 percent of the 301 money, with a mandate to fund research and technology development, to expand online and distance education, and to prepare students for a high-tech economy.

$2MM for UM economic development program to assist developing countries in Central Asia clears Senate panel

The exchange program, spearheaded by UM professor Mehrdad Kia, provides two main services between Montana and the central Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan.

How profits, research mix at Stanford

Stanford likes to point out, “pound for pound” it ranks among the very best, gathering more federal research funding per investigator than any other medical school, except for the much smaller University of Utah.

University Venture Fund at the University of Utah gets final closing on $18 million

UVF is a collaboration among students, the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business and the professional investment community.

Survey: Colleges don’t train students for business world

U.S. colleges are failing to take advantage of a $13 billion market for job-related training, as U.S. companies find them slow and unwilling to adapt to necessary changes, according to an industry survey.

Study Looks at Research Universities as Drivers for Economic Development

A new study by the Center for Regional Strategies recommends ways in which universities and their municipalities can work together to achieve economic development.

New Study Says University Contributions to U.S. Innovation Under Estimated

The study "highlights the extent to which additional commercialization of research takes place, suggesting that the contribution of universities to U.S. innovation and ultimately economic growth may be greater than had previously been believed."

Tools and Insights for Universities Called to Regional Stewardship

In a world increasingly driven by brain power, the focus is shifting from inherited
assets (climate, geography, natural resources) to created assets (educated population,
cultural amenities, environmental quality).

Ideas go from University labs to market – no bull. State univerisities team up to showcase economic development

Utah is one legislature that understands the economic development role that universities play. In many more states, legislators have difficulty with the concept.

Universities developing a higher profile in economic development

Universities are actively marketing their other efforts in economic development to their local and regional communities.